MTB technique training

If you want to increase fun while cycling without losing out on safety, this is the place for you!

Each of us is certainly familiar with the situation where you get to a section which provides difficulties or where you couldn’t find the right position on the bike or the right breaking technique.
The technique training includes breaking, basic techniques in turns, the right balance, steep uphill and downhill cycling, and safe crossing of small obstacles. Direct feedback during the exercises and the “on tour” practice will quickly provide more safety and fun on the bike. Together with our trained mountain-bike guides you will learn cycling techniques from scratch and in a professional way…

Technical mountain-bike training is ideal for beginners who want to enter the world of mountain-biking with the right technical knowledge. Our trained and certified guides focus on each participant to learn the right technique and tricks in order to guarantee safety, but also fun on the bike.

For advanced cyclists the training is ideal to correct technical errors and thereby overcome obstacles like roots, stones or a change in terrain in a much easier way. The personal feedback of the mountain-bike guide will definitely help you to improve your cycling technique. The different exercises soon guarantee for more security, technical improvements in cycling, and more fun on the bike.


approx. 2 hours


65.00 €/person (material, board and tickets not included)

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