Völser weiher e-bike-tour

This tour leads us to two idyllically situated Völser Alpine Huts,
the Tuff Alm and the Hofer Alpl. Away from traffic, you first
warm up comfortably on the way to St. Konstantin. In the first
part of the ascent we bike along lake Völser Weiher, which is
located in front of the rocky backdrop of the Schlern mountain.
The route leads to the slightly higher Huber Weiher and then
continues uphill in the forest towards the Tuff Alm and on to
the Hofer Alpl. We will stop at one of the two alpine pastures,
the unforgettable views are too beautiful to miss.

Please remember to bring the following
Swimming costume with towel


11.00 am at the office Alps Activ


4,5 h

Difference in altitude:

800 m


26 km


at about 5.30 pm

we love what we do. Join Us